finding my fall feng shui {a fall lifestyle post}

So if I didn’t get my point across in my last post (fall is my favorite {20 years of snapshots of fall}) that I love fall…let’s drive it home a little more. I’m sharing a few things that help me find my fall feng shui, if you will – those smells, sights, and tastes that make me feel autumn in my bones – from the food to clothes and decor (mostly pumpkins!).

3 disclaimers:
1) I realize this post is more geared toward women, so keep an eye out for a post coming soon about Finding Your Farmer Feng Shui (yes, I’m making ‘farmer feng shui’ a thing. Matt is thrilled). 
2) I by no means claim to be a food, fashion, or decor blogger – these are just things that I personally love making, wearing, etc. Stop reading here or take it for what you will. 
2) I REALLY think this goes without saying, but being new to this whole blog thing, I feel compelled to state that I am not being compensated for any of these products (I wish). 

Let’s start with the real MVP…PUMPKINS!
Did you know that Cinderella, Fairytale, New England Cheddar, Jarrahdale, Tandy, New Moon, We-Be-Little, and Porcelain Dolls are all varieties of pumpkins? According to the USDA, in 2016 NC was in the top 5 (by pound) pumpkin-producing states in the country.img_0700Now, I know I’m a little biased, but you guys – there is magic in coming to a local pumpkin farm. It’s something I encourage everyone (not just those with kids!) to do this year – and you’re supporting small local farmers while doing it. There are lots of farms around Guilford County and all over NC where you can pick your own pumpkins, but of course if you’re local to Greensboro, come see us at Rudd Farm (and on Facebook and Instagram @RuddFarm).

Applesauce Spice Muffins (link here)

Go buy some applesauce (you probably have everything else already in your pantry/fridge for these, and if you have kids, you probably have applesauce, too) and make these tonight. Thank me later. Eat some with a cup of coffee, on your porch, surrounded by your pumpkins, wearing the sweater below, and you’ll probably want to kiss me. I’m not kidding. This is a great fall recipe for those crazy people that don’t love all the pumpkin things – they’re so simple but SO good. Your kitchen will smell heavenly, your family will love you and beg you to make these every day, and your soul will feel like fall. And I’m not at all dramatic. {This is another recipe that my mom has made for as long as I can remember, and I just learned that she found it in a Southern Living “many years ago”.}

Pumpkin Overnight Oats (link here)
img_0573.jpgI am definitely not claiming this as an original recipe on my part –  I just combined/tweaked/modified a few different recipes from Pinterest, and found the combination I like the best. I actually eat this more often for a snack than I do breakfast, and have recently been making a bigger batch on Sundays to last the work week.



Booties: Autumn Braided Cut Out Boots
I got these booties in the taupe color last spring and wore them ALL. THE. TIME. I have a wider foot and have a hard time finding shoes that are truly comfortable – these are SO comfy, go with everything, and of course are affordably priced because #Target for the win, always. And is it an accident that they’re called Autumn Braided Boots? I think not.

Cardigan (of your dreams)
Since we’re saving on the booties…I present to you a sweater splurge. I got this sweater (in a very similar style) during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in August and it is literally the softest, most perfectly weighted cardigan I’ve ever put on. It’s fuzzy but not an itchy or shedding-type fuzzy, warm but not heavy or thick, and can easily be dressed up or down. Now, for the love – sweater weather, please show yourself in NC.

The perfect fall candle: Autumn Wreath Candle 
I’ve found Yankee Candles really do have more burn time than many other brands. I look for them at places like TJ Maxx, but Amazon for the win on this one. This is the perfect scent – not too spicy, not too sweet, not overpowering.

Other home decor:
img_0561One more shameless family endorsement: my craft-savvy sister-in-law creates cute, modern farmhouse decor that is the perfect accent to all those pumpkins – check out her fall collection here and support another small, local business!


I could share more, but I’ll leave you with these things for now. If you have favorite fall recipes, clothes, and products that you think I should know about, please share!! Happy fall!

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